Trias launches FACT in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya (2013)


Launch of unique multi-country programme

Trias is officially launching a new programme that is taking place in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The programme, which is funded by the European Commission and Agriterra, brings together 14 Farmers’ Organisations from different (regional, national, sub-national) levels in East Africa to improve their lobby and advocacy activities.

One of the main tasks of Farmers’ Organisations is to defend the rights of their members and represent their interests. Farmers who are not organized are easily forgotten by their governments. Trias and Agriterra support Farmers’ Organisations to lobby their governments to ensure that farmers receive the attention and services they need and deserve. However, these lobby and advocacy activities are not always well-organised and well-founded. Lack of time, money and skills may reduce the effect of these activities.

For this purpose, Agriterra has developed a unique methodology called FACT (Farmers’ Advocacy Consultation Tool). The methodology helps Farmers’ Organisations to develop lobby and advocacy activities that are based on solid evidence gathered from their members. Combined with expert advice, the methodology creates policy proposals that cannot be easily ignored by policy makers.

Representatives of all involved organizations already gathered twice this year to make the preparations necessary to roll out the programme in the Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. This and next week the programme will be officially launched in the three countries with a workshop for staff and leaders of the different farmers’ organizations. The participants will be trained in the use of the FACT methodology, after which they will start using it in real life. The lobby and advocacy activities will have “food security” as their common theme.

Download in PDF:

Trias _ Launch of unique multi-country programme

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